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Meet the Team!

LICA operations are carried out by a dedicated team of eight professionals. Through diverse partnerships and collaborative relationships, LICA staff effectively implement the organization’s Strategic Plan and Annual Work Plans. Leveraging the diverse knowledge and experience of our team, LICA consistently delivers high-quality programming to the region.

From Left to Right: Michael Bisaga, Lily Lin, Lori Jodoin, Stephanie Sampson, Kayla Hellum, and Kristina Morris. In Front: Maria Cueva and Eveline Hartog.

Kristina Morris

Executive Director Read Bio

Lori Jodoin

Administrative Professional Read Bio

Stephanie Sampson

Education and outreach Coordinator Read Bio

Kayla Hellum

Environmental Coordinator Read Bio

Maria Cueva

Financial Coordinator Read Bio

Lily Lin

Data & Reporting Specialist Read Bio

Eveline Hartog

Administrative Professional Read Bio

Michael Bisaga

Manager, Environmental Monitoring Read Bio