Community Garden & Compost

Promoting Sustainability

Promoting Sustainability

The Bonnyville Community Garden and Compost (BCGC) is an outreach project initiated by LICA in 2020, in partnership with the Bonnyville Wholesale Club. The BCGC supports our local community by promoting sustainability within the Town of Bonnyville and Municipal District of Bonnyville No. 87. The garden also provides a dedicated space for LICA’s existing and future education and outreach programs, and acts as a communal gathering place for our community.

Community gardens contribute to the health of a community by allowing members access to fresh, organic produce. In addition to the nutritional benefits, the garden provides the community with a place to be active and spend time in a green space – helping relieve stress and increasing our sense of wellness. With LICA’s associated garden workshops, our community also has a dedicated outdoor space to learn and share their knowledge of gardening, sustainable practices, and more!

An Investment Worthwhile

Garden Membership

Garden Memberships are only $20 for the season!

What do you get with a garden membership?

  • One 4’ x 16’ garden bed
  • Access to LICA gardening tools, compost and seed-swap station
  • A LICA Cookbook
  • First access to workshops
  • First access to two plots in the following season
  • A community of gardeners working together!

Additional garden plots are available for $10 each, with a maximum of two plots per household. Additional plots may become available once registration closes.

Growing Our Community

Benefits of the Community Garden


  • Reducing food insecurity through donations to our local food bank
  • Offering more green space to residents and creatures
  • Building community pride by improving the aesthetics of a once-vacant lot
  • Providing outdoor networking and social opportunities for community members


  • Reducing pollution by supporting local produce production
  • Supporting pollinator habitats
  • Improving water retention
  • Increasing awareness of environmental sustainability

Nurturing the Environment

Benefits of the Community Compost

Composting is a great way to reduce the amount of waste that is being sent to our landfills – up to 45% of our waste in Canada can be composted! By ‘recycling’ our compostable waste, we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions, conserve water, and improve soil health!

Compost is an effective and efficient organic fertilizer that provides nutrients to plants in a stable form, while also improving the soil’s aeration and drainage. Using compost as fertilizer, our organic gardens can have improved plant health and growth, and our environment benefits too! Less nutrients being lost in water runoff means reduced chance of blue-green algae blooms.

The Bonnyville Compost is a four-chambered “cold” or “passive” composting system. This method allows our bins to receive large amounts of biodegradable material with minimal upkeep – our bins are only turned over once per year. Organic food waste, yard trimmings, paper products and other compostables can be dropped off year-round in the bin closest to the steps. In 2025, the compost that is moved to the final bin will be ready for our garden members and community to use as organic nutritious fertilizer in their gardens!

In recognition of our


Since the project’s inception in 2020, the Bonnyville Community Garden and Compost Project has been generously supported by local businesses, organizations, and community groups. This support included in-kind labour, materials, and services. Without this assistance, the project would not have been possible. We extend our sincerest gratitude to all those who have contributed – THANK YOU!

Baby Cherry Greenhouse
Co-Op Lakeland
West Coast Seeds
TC Energy
Rockslide Gravel Ltd
Pevach Corp
Precision Machining
Get Rid Of It
Bonnyville Pontiacs
Bonnyville Fellowship
Canadian Tire
Community Initiatives Program
Community Initiatives Program

Bonnyville Community Garden and Compost

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