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LICA Photo Contest 2016 Print E-mail

The 2016 Photo Contest Winners are:


Adult Category

1. Jeremy Hallett, Fort Kent - $150

2. Eileen Hallett, Fort Kent - $100

3. Debbie Wooldridge, Cold Lake - $50


Youth Category

1.  Brooke Vining, Cold Lake - $75

2.  Harlie Hatton, Bonnyville - $50

3.  Mackenzie Pretty, Bonnyville - $25


LICA thanks all participants for their submissions and looks forward to seeing more great entries in future contests.


Adult Category Submissions:

 thumb 1.a Lynne Vining  Cold Lake Sunset 800x533thumb 1.b Lynne Vining  Dock at Sunset 600x800thumb 1.c Lynne Vining  Marina Fireworks 600x800thumb 2.a Dwayne Hasiuk  Bumblebee on Sunflower 800x640thumb 2.b Dwayne Hasiuk  Spider Web 800x640thumb 2.c Dwayne Hasiuk  Baby Porcupine 800x640thumb 3.a Marguerite Ducharme  Surprise 600x800thumb 4.a Debbie Wooldridge  Serene 800x533thumb 4.b Debbie Wooldridge  Chowtime 2 800x574thumb 4.c Debbie Wooldridge  Twlight Sunset 2 800x533thumb 5.a Cheryl Collins  eagle close up1 800x531thumb 7.a Lillian Pretty  The Beauty of Canola 800x460thumb 7.b Lillian Pretty  The Wheat Field 800x479thumb 7.c Lillian Pretty  Sunset on Moose Lake 800x450thumb 8.a Robert Rondeau  Eagle Landing 800x530thumb 8.b Robert Rondeau  Watching Over the Nest 800x530thumb 8.c Robert Rondeau  Eagle In Flight 800x530thumb 9.a Abby Kjarsgaard  Raven Over Lake 800x533thumb 9.b Abby Kjarsgaard  Flower Bed 800x533thumb 9.c Abby Kjarsgaard  Leafy Worm 800x533thumb 10.a Nicole Gillis  Foggy Morning 800x600thumb 10.b Nicole Gillis  Welcome Spring 600x800thumb 10.c Nicole Gillis  Morning Visitors 800x601thumb 11.a Russel Quinney  Mirror of Nature 800x600thumb 11.b Russel Quinney  Oh Canada 800x600thumb 11.c Russel Quinney  Vezeau Beach 800x600thumb 12.a Leslie McKeague  Sunset at Ross Lake 800x600thumb 13.a Sherry Kelly  Chair 640x800thumb 13.b Sherry Kelly  Prairie Car 800x640thumb 13.c Sherry Kelly  Harvest Gold 640x800thumb 14.a Colleen Brennan  Baby Deer 800x614thumb 15.a Jeremy Hallett  Sun Hitting Forest Floor 600x800thumb 15.b Jeremy Hallett  Dream Staircase 600x800thumb 15.c Jeremy Hallett  End of the Rainbow 600x800thumb 16.a Eileen Hallett  Retired 800x600thumb 16.b Eileen Hallett Foggy Morning 800x600thumb 16.c Eileen Hallett  King of the Castle 800x531thumb 17.a Charles Hallett  Tiger Lily 800x533thumb 17.b Charles Hallett  Majestic Buck 800x600thumb 17.c Charles Hallett  Sow  Cubs 800x600thumb 18.a Sunrise Moocheweines  A Visit to Heinsburg Bridge 800x533thumb 18.b Sunrise Moocheweines  Mossy Log 800x533thumb 18.c Sunrise Moocheweines  Hike to the River 800x533thumb 19.a Seneca Waskahat   Berries Up Close 800x533thumb 19.b Seneca Waskahat  Flowers Bloom 800x533thumb 19.c Seneca Waskahat  Heart of Contrast 800x533thumb 20.a Cyrus Jackson  Trees in Front of the Bridge 800x533thumb 20.b Cyrus Jackson  Grass in Front North Saskatchewan 800x533thumb 20.c Cyrus Jackson  Garbage Destroying the Land 800x533



 Youth Category Submissions:


thumbnail 1.a Brooke Vining  Sunset on the Water 800x533 100x67thumbnail 1.b Brooke Vining  Pelican Shore 800x658 100x82thumbnail 2.a Harlie Hatton  A Stroll Around Jessie Lake 800x579 100x72thumbnail 2.b Harlie Hatton  The Sunset 800x598 100x75thumbnail 2.c Harlie Hatton  Lakeside Gazebo 800x598 100x75thumbnail 3.a MacKenzie Pretty  Walking the Backroads 800x598 100x75thumbnail 3.b MacKenzie Pretty  Hay Bales 800x598 100x75thumbnail 3.c MacKenzie Pretty  Sunset Over Field 800x598 100x75






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