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Air Quality Index Print E-mail
The Air Quality Index is a way of describing our outdoor air quality. Alberta Environment calculates the Air Quality Index by converting the concentrations of carbon monoxide, fine particulate matter, nitrogen dioxide, ground-level ozone and sulphur dioxide to an Air Quality Index number.  Four out of these five parameters are required to generate an Air Quality Index value as follows:

a rating of 0 to 25 indicates good air quality. This is the best possible rating and means there are no known harmful effects to human or environmental health.
a rating of 26-50 is fair air quality, which means there is adequate protection against harmful effects.
a rating of 51-100 indicates poor air quality and not all aspects of the environment are adequately protected from possible adverse effects.
a rating of more than 100 is very poor air quality, which means continued high readings could pose a risk to human health.
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