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2016-2017 Board of Directors

Community Memebers:

Andrea Woods, Chairperson; Kristy Tetreau, Vice Chairperson; Randi Blackwell; John Ilchuk; Harold Ross.

Community Alternates:

Mildred Dunham; Wilf Tomchek.

Industry Members:

Monty Moore, Secretary-Treasurer; Wayne Bamber; Darlene Gates.

Industry Alternates:

Paul Kip; Neil Young.


Dana Swigart; Colin Woods.

Aboriginal/Metis/First Nations:

Randy Parenteau, Zone II Regional Council


Board of Directors

The Board directs LICA’s Vision, Mission and operations, prioritizing issues and designating resources.

Consensus Decision Making

LICA’s Board of Directors and Committees conduct meetings by using a consensus decision making process.  This format allows for meetings to be conducted in an orderly manner and to also allow for information sharing and discussion of issues. 

During the consensus decision making process, the Chair keeps the discussion on track, encourages each voice to be heard and focuses on interests of the issue.  If consensus is achieved the decision is recorded in the Minutes and implemented.  If consensus is not achieved, the discussion is tabled for a future meeting until consensus can be reached.  Should the group agree that consensus is impossible; the issue then becomes part of a fallback process at the next Board meeting.  In the event that the issue requires an emergency decision, an immediate vote is taken and a 75% majority is required to secure the decision. 

LICA has been using the consensus process since 2005 and the group has had much success in using this model to move forward with projects and day-to-day affairs.

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