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The Resolution Committee facilitates the resolution of concerns and issues.

2016-2017 Resolution Committee

Community Members:

  • Community Members will be appointed if and when a Committee is required to meet.
  • Subject matter experts will be appointed as required.
Board Chairperson:

   Andrea Woods.

Industry Members:

Wayne Bamber; Heather Harms.

NGO's & Regulators:

Colin Woods.

First Nations/Metis:



Resolution Committee - What We Do

The Resolution Committee (RC) is a standing committee of LICA.

Purpose: The RC is mandated to:
  • Provide an open forum for discussion of issues related to development in the LICA area, as required.


  • To cultivate a cooperative working relationship between partners
  • To listen to the issues identified, discuss, research and recommend solutions
  • To recommend specific public information educational sessions around issues identified by the committee


Key Duties & Responsibilities:
  • Review RC Terms of Reference for Board approval
  • Act as a resource to the LICA Executive Manager, Board, and committees
  • Provide the LICA Executive Manager with assistance and direction in the resolution of simple issues, and to create a process for the resolution of more complex issues
  • Consider, discuss and identify the appropriate agency


  • Chair of the LICA Board may attend as ex-officio
  • Up to five (5) community members may be appointed by the Board
  • At least one member of the committee must be a board member
  • Industry members, NGO's and Regulators


  • Meetings will be held as required, at the LICA office or a more convenient location as determined by the committee
  • All meetings will be open to the public
  • Chair is to be elected by committee membership on an annual basis


Resources, Expenses & Budget:
  • The RC shall have access to the resources of the LICA office and Executive Manager, including phone, fax, email, paper, etc. as required
  • If RC members are required to cover costs out-of-pocket (e.g. mileage, phone bills, postage), these shall be reimbursed at standard
  • LICA rates upon presentation of receipts as per Board Operation Policy - Finance: #6.8
  • The RC shall have an annual operating budget to be administered through the LICA office


Reporting Process:
  • The RC shall communicate with the LICA Board by providing copies of the committee meeting minutes
  • The Chair shall forward RC reports to the Executive Manager in time for each Board meeting
  • An annual RC report will be submitted to the Board
  • When requested by the Board or when an issue requires representation for clarification or explanation, the Chair or designate of the RC shall brief the Board
  • Facilitate resolution of issues identified as important by the community, the LICA Board of Directors, or local industry


  • The RC shall review its Terms of Reference and evaluate its objectives annually.


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