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Beaver River Watershed Alliance (BRWA) Print E-mail

The Beaver River Watershed Alliance (BRWA) is an independent standing committee of LICA, which also incorporates the participation of individuals and organizations from the broader BRWA membership, which may be outside of LICA.

The operation of the BRWA is governed by their Terms of Reference and the Bylaws and Policies of LICA.



2016-2017 BRWA Committee

LICA Board Chairperson:

Andrea Woods.

LICA Members:
Kristy Tetreau, Co-Chair, Designate.
Randi Blackwell, Alternate.

Community Memebers:

Wilf Tomchek, Designate.

Unas Balkhi, Designate.
Donna Padlesky, Alternate.
Vacant, Alternate.

Industry Members:

Roxane Bretzlaff, Co-Chair, Designate.
Monty Moore, Designate.
Brittany Carey, Alternate.
Alex Demmons, Alternate.

Forestry, Trapping & Recreation:

John Ilchuk, Designate.
James Gamblin, Alternate.


Harold Ross, Designate.
Bill Fox, Alternate.
 Federal Government:



Abdi Siad-Omar, Designate.
Vacant, Alternate.

Provincial Government (other):

Geoff Montgomery, Designate.
Vacant, Alternate.

First Nations:

Vacant, Designate.
Vacant, Alternate.


Randy Parenteau, Zone ll Regional Council, Designate.
Vacant, Alternate.

Non Government Organizations:

Kellie Nichiporik,Treasurer, Designate.
Marsha Hayward, Alternate.

Watershed Stewardship Groups:

Tricia Flemming, Designate.
Katlyn Macdonald, Alternate.


Vacant, Designate.


Rural Municipal Government:

Don Sinclair, Designate.
Wanda Austin, Alternate.

Urban Municipal Government:

Nestor Kunec, Designate.
Duane Lay, Alternate.




  • To serve as the Watershed Planning and Advisory Council for the Beaver River Watershed



  • Combine partner resources and share beneficial management practices


Key Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Fulfill the requirements necessary to maintain Watershed Planning and Advisory Council status under the Alberta Provincial Water Strategy – Water for Life
  • Identify regional environmental water quality and/or quantity issues
  • Promote participatoin from regional stakeholders
  • Provide a forum for discussion of regional water related issues and interests


Membership is open to organizations and individuals that have interests consistent with the Mission, Vision and Goals of the BRWA.

Members will indicate their representation (organization or individual), by filling out a membership application form and submitting it to the BRWA. Membership can be voluntarily withdrawn at any time in writing. The Membership list will be maintained by the BRWA.

Members will use consensus (as defined in glossary) to arrive at decisions. When consensus cannot be reached, or in matters where a vote may be necessary (e.g. election of Steering Committee members), each member will have one vote.


  • Consists of both elected and appointed members
  • Elected members are from the general membership of the BRWA
  • Appointed members are representatives of designated sectors


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