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Vision:  Lakeland Industry & Community Association is a balanced partnership actively supporting a sustainable environment.

Mission:  LICA supports the Community by gathering and sharing information relevant to the environment and development in our region.

Values:  LICA demonstrates these values as individuals and an organization: Respect, Honesty, Integrity, Equality, Cooperation, Transparency & Accountability.

LICA’s primary role is to work collaboratively with its stakeholders to ensure that industry development is managed responsibly. A volunteer board of 12 directors oversees the association’s activities, providing direction to its three working committees and working collaboratively with its two standing committees.

LICA, by way of the Beaver River Watershed Alliance, is progressing with the State of the Watershed report which will be instrumental for the creation of our integrated watershed management plan. Many watershed projects are ongoing initiatives such as the Alberta Lake Management Society LakeWatch Program and the Winter Lake Level study; others are nearing completion such as the Acquatic Ecosystem Health Assessment Index of Biotic Integrity and Lakeland Uranium Study.

LICA operates a premium air quality monitoring network consisting of 4 continuous monitoring stations, 26 passive monitoring stations, 2 volatile organic compound and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon samplers and 2 soil acidification monitoring plots. Continuous monitoring stations provide up-to-the-minute measurements of ambient concentrations for several man-made and natural emissions, while passive monitoring stations provide data for use in understanding regional patterns in air quality and for long term trend analyses.

LICA has and will continue to facilitate each party’s voice at the table when community, industry and government meet to discuss issues concerning our environment and resource development in our area.

LICA is also a member of Synergy Alberta, formed to support the efforts of community-based synergy groups across Alberta. Check out synergy news, and events as well as tools and resources at

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