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Goals and Objectives Print E-mail

LICA continues to reach its goals and objectives on an ongoing basis, due largely to the dedication of Board and Committee members, as well as other volunteers, and the guidance and assistance of staff members.

We are proud to be a catalyst in our region, connecting the people in our various communities with each other, and with information and resources to build the region's capacity for environmental stewardship.  We provide and facilitate community engagement, educational opportunities and information, by gathering, sharing, and acting on information regarding development in our region.  We offer information and assistance to both citizens and development proponents as they navigate through the necessary processes related to any development.

LICA's Library and this website are maintained in a comprehensive and accessible manner so that we remain a central repository of current information. LICA also has a presence on Facebook and maintains a Twitter account to provide current updates. 'Like' us, 'Follow' us!

We work to ensure that LICA participates in projects that best fit our mandate, and in addition, all of our members promote LICA's Vision, Mission and Values, celebrating LICA while we constantly strive to achieve our goals and objectives.

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