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LICA Structure Print E-mail

*LICA is proud to have our Airshed Zone and Beaver River Watershed Alliance as independent standing committees.

LICA Board of Directors
  • Provides direction and leadership.
  • Responds to direction from its membership.
  • Encourages communication and issue resolution.
  • Prioritizes issues and provides resources for standing committees.


  • The Executive Director assists the Board in fulfilling its governance function, giving direction and leadership toward the achievement of the organization’s Vision, Mission, Values as well as annual goals and projects.


Airshed Zone
  • Serves as Alberta Airshed Zone
  • Facilitates and coordinates regional air monitoring.
  • Furthers and promotes understanding of air quality in the region.


Beaver River Watershed Alliance (BRWA)
  • Serves as Watershed Planning and Advisory Council.
  • Identifies water quality and quantity issues.


 Education & Information Committee (EIC)
  • Development or collection of information on development in region.
  • Provides educational opportunities, activities and events.


Governance Committee (GC)
  • Develops, monitors and ensures compliance with LICA policies and bylaws.


Resolution Committee (RC)
  • Facilitates the resolution of concerns and issues.


Board, Committees and Administration:

Board of Directors
  • Andrea Woods, Chairperson
  • Kristy Tetreau, Vice-Chairperson
  • Monty Moore, Secretary-Treasurer
  • Wayne Bamber, Director
  • Randi Blackwell, Director
  • Mildred Dunham, Alternate Director
  • Darlene Gates, Director
  • John Ilchuk, Director
  • Paul Kip, Alternate Director
  • Harold Ross, Director
  • Dana Swigart, Director
  • Wilf Tomchek, Alternate Director
  • Colin Woods, Director
  • Neil Young, Alternate Director
  • Randy Parenteau, Director


  • Andrea Woods, Chairperson
  • Kristy Tetreau, Vice-Chairperson
  • Monty Moore, Secretary-Treasurer


  • Arianne Crook, Executive Director/Accounting Assistant
  • Carrie Cardamone, Executive Assistant
  • Eveline Hartog, Administrative Assistant


Education & Information Committee
  • Warren Hobart, Co-Chair
  • Harold Ross, Co-Chair


Airshed Zone
  • Amanda Avery-Bibo, Co-Chair
  • Megan Tilley, Co-Chair 
  • Michael Bisaga, Manager, Environmental Monitoring Programs


  • Roxane Bretzlaff, Co-Chair
  • Kristy Tetreau, Co-Chair
  • Colin Hanusz, Program Manager
  • Chantelle Adams, Education & Outreach Coordinator


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