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Lakeland Industry & Community Association (LICA) always has volunteer opportunities available. These range from being a LICA member, to volunteering at events, to holding a position as a Member or Alternate on one of our Committees, including:  the Airshed Zone, the Education & Information Committee and the Beaver River Watershed Alliance (BRWA).  Here is what you need to know about this dynamic group to decide if you have the right stuff.



Vision:  Lakeland Industry & Community Association is a balanced partnership actively supporting a sustainable environment. 

Mission:  LICA supports the Community by gathering and sharing information relevant to the environment and development in our region. 

Values:  LICA demonstrates these values as individuals and an organization: Respect, Honesty, Integrity, Equality, Cooperation, Transparency, Accountability.


Responsibilities of the Board:

  • Establishing LICA’s purpose and seeing that it is implemented through Vision, Mission, Values, Goals and Objectives, self-governance and operational policies.
  • Setting the rate of progress towards achieving the purpose by:
  • setting goals and objectives, with time lines – planning for the future
  • overseeing budgeting and funding and ensuring sufficient funds to achieve the budget
  • Providing continuity in the management of LICA through bylaws and policy
  • Creating and confirming LICA’s identity in the community


Minimum commitment/requirements of Board and Committee Members:

  • Committed to LICA’s Vision, Mission and Values
  • Contribute to one meeting per month, for approximately 3 hours per meeting


What do Board and Committee Members do?

  • Help to keep the Board informed about issues affecting LICA
  • Represent LICA at public events
  • Propose and assist with projects


 Rewards of Board and Committee Membership:

  • Stimulating discussion and learning experience
  • Exposure to and a greater understanding of your community, resource development, and the environment
  • A sense of accomplishment and a sense of service
  • Networking opportunities with key people in our community 


2016-2017 LICA Board of Directors:

LICA is a not-for-profit society that is a multi-stakeholder partnership between community, industry and government. The Board of Directors is responsible for the policy-making function of LICA. Board members are elected for a two-year term, with the possibility of being elected for consecutive terms. On occasions when Directors are unable to attend meetings, their appointed alternate may attend and vote on their behalf.


Sector/Stakeholder Group


Community Member

Andrea Woods, Chairperson

Community Member

Kristy Tetreau, Vice Chairperson

Community Member

Randi Blackwell

Community Member

John Ilchuk

Community Member

Harold Ross

Community Alternate

Mildred Dunham

Community Alternate

Wilf Tomchek

Industry Member

Monty Moore, Secretary-Treasurer

Industry Member

Wayne Bamber

Industry Member

Darlene Gates

Industry Alternate

Paul Kip

Industry Alternate

Neil Young


Dana Swigart


Colin Woods

Aboriginal/Métis/First Nations

Randy Parenteau

Aboriginal/Métis/First Nations





Volunteers: If you are not ready to commit to becoming a Board or Committee member, consider volunteering for our projects or events, such as:

  • Contributing as a guest speaker or other volunteer to one of our Presentation Series Events
  • Assisting at our Annual General Meeting or an educational event
  • 'Hands on’ projects, such as lakeshore clean-up, air quality testing and lake sampling



Interested?  Contact the LICA Office:

PO Box 8237

5107W 50 St

Bonnyville, AB T9N 2J5

Phone: 780-812-2182

Fax: 780-812-2186

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it            


Read more about LICA on our website:


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