Lily Lin

Data & Reporting Specialist

I grew up in Taipei, Taiwan, where I completed and obtained my Environmental Science degree. I came to Canada in 2005, completed the Environmental Technology program at SAIT, Calgary, in 2008. After graduation, I started my career with an environmental services company. I spent 8 years trying to understand “air”, the air we are breathing every day. I enjoy spending the time to analyze data we collected from air monitoring stations and to tell stories based on these numbers. In 2016, my husband and I had an opportunity to make our dream come true – own a coffee shop. We bought a bakery and started running a bakery/coffee shop in downtown Calgary. It was such a challenge but interesting experience. Within a year and a half, we became good bakers, good sale people, and we made a lot of new friends. I was contracted to perform some special projects in 2017 and become a part of the LICA team as the data and reporting specialist in 2018.

I enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities in the summer and prefer hiding inside the house during the winter. However, after having two never-run-out energy huskies, I have learned to enjoy the feeling of being frozen. I am thankful for having these two girls, so I can explore the beauty of the winter in Canada.

Many thanks,