Riparian Health Campaign

New in Spring 2024!

What is a Riparian Area?

A riparian area is the green zone around the surface water of a stream, river, wetland, or lake. It is the transitional area from the water’s edge to the upland habitat.

A healthy riparian area generally has abundant vegetation including trees, shrubs, and herbaceous cover; formed as a result of water, soil, and vegetation interacting with one

Why a Riparian Health Campaign?

Two large-scale projects influenced the identification of the need for a campaign in our watershed, specific to riparian health:

Riparian Area Intactness Assessments

The Beaver River Integrated Watershed Management Plan

This Campaign intends to raise awareness of riparian areas, while also supporting community-based restoration. Those who sign up for this campaign will receive:

  1. Resources to learn what a riparian area is, its role in watershed health and areas of high-conservation and high-restoration priority.
  2. Information on invasive species.
  3. A desirable woody plant presence checklist.
  4. Resources to learn how to complete a riparian area health assessment.
  5. A bundle of native shrubs to kick-start community-based restoration.
  6. A small lawn sign station their commitment to riparian health!

Why Should you Leave your Riparian Area Intact?

Riparian areas are found along the shoreline of all aquatic habitats. These habitats have substantial ecological, economic, and social value. Intact riparian areas stabilize the banks for waterbodies and help modulate water velocities and high water events, thereby improving water quality and protecting lands from flooding. Intact riparian areas also play a vital role in the exchange of inorganic and organic material between terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems and regulate water temperature and the in-stream light environment, thereby ensur­ing a suitable habitat for a range of aquatic species (Fiera Biological Consulting, 2021).

Healthy Riparian Area

Unhealthy Riparian Area

To sign up for this Campaign, or for more information, email